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Lauri Liljenbäck

From the shores of Saimaa I moved to the sweet embrace of civilization called Turku in pursuit of my academic aspirations. I'm now 28 and I've lived here since, now employed as an IT Consultant. I've been a member of the board of TYRMY twice before, first as Treasurer and then Communications coordinator. Regardless of my master's degree I still have some positions of trust in student organizations, the most notable and time consuming of which is naturally this Chairpersonship.

My favorite genres or at least the ones I listen to the most are Melodic Death Metal, Industrial Metal and nowadays Power Metal too. Some midweight Hard Rock / Metal and folk rhymes also have a positive effect on me. More data available here:


Lauri Liljenbäck : Chairperson

Treasurer, Harassment Liaison

Hanna Yli-Paunu

Hanna Yli-Paunu, almost 30, a lifelong student. I've graduated with an MA, and now I'm working toward my teaching qualification. My journey in metal music started with traditional heavy metal, ”progressed” to black metal via death metal, and returned back to ”soft” metal via folk metal. I used to attend gigs nearly religiously, and have hence seen hundreds of metal bands live. In addition to studying and metal music, my interests include rock climbing, snail mail, video games and watching sport.

Hanna Yli-Paunu : Treasurer, Harassment Liaison

Teppo Reinikainen

Teppo Reinikainen :

Suvi Lahtonen

Currently I'm writing my PhD -thesis on war books in Finnish litterature. Previously I've worked as a non-fiction editor, literature teacher and science communicator. Musically I lean towards melodic and folk metal, though I enjoy death metal gigs too. As a hobby I watch bass tutorials on youtube. One of my guilty pleasures is Whitesnake and occasionally (mostly in the wee hours of the night) even finnhits.

Suvi Lahtonen :

Mari Van Den Berg

Mari Van Den Berg :

Kaisa Luhta

Kaisa Luhta :

Laura Lattu

Laura Lattu :

Miika Vesti

Miika Vesti :

Maarit Koivisto

Maarit Koivisto :

Committees (persons appointed to support the board)

Harassment Liaison

Jouko Kiesiläinen

Jouko Kiesiläinen : Harassment Liaison