The Board and committees



Anni Mylläri

I joined TYRMY when I started my studies in autumn 2015. In 2016 I was the secretary of TYRMY board and this year I'm the chairperson. Actually I'm not sure what to do in the future but I study politics and Russian language. In my free time I listen to music, pet my cats, drink tea and wonder the world.

Anni Mylläri : Chairperson

International Affairs & Calendar Management

Serena Solomon

Hey, I'm Serena. I moved to Turku from the US in 2014 (which is also when I joined TYRMY), and have been on TYRMY's board for two years now. I am the official contact person for international members a.k.a. token English speaker a.k.a. International Flotation Device. I'm still working on my masters degree in Popular Culture Studies/ Cultural Musicology... basically just staring at the blank pages of my thesis at this point and "conducting research". I plan on staying in Finland forever, so if you can help me out with that, that would be great!
I listen to all kinds of music but mainly metal of all flavors. Aside from school and TYRMY, I am a photographer. You most likely will see me running around a gig or festival with a camera at some point. I shoot mostly concerts and band photos for various media websites, and am also in charge of the TYRMY Calendar this year (and was the main photographer last year).

Serena Solomon : International Affairs & Calendar Management


Lauri Liljenbäck

Vice Chair

Laura Lattu

Laura Lattu : Vice Chair

Treasurer & Equality Affairs

Tero Ahlgren

Olen reilu kolmikymppinen raskaan musiikin ystävä Turun Yo-kylästä. Toimin nyt kolmatta vuotta TYRMY:n rahaliikenteestä ja varallisuudesta vastaavana taloudenhoitajana. Ylläpidän myös yhdistyksen jäsenrekisteriä, ja lisäksi toimin tänä vuonna myös yhdistyksen toiminnan tasavertaisuudesta ja saavutettavuudesta jäsenilleen vastaavana yhdenvertaisuusvastaavana.

Opiskelen yliopistolla folkloristiikkaa ja gradun valmistuminen on ollut ihan siinä hollilla jo hyvän aikaa. Olen melko monimakuinen musiikin suhteen skaalalla Black ja Doom synkistelystä gorempaan mättöön, esim. Bathorysta Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosisiin.

Tero Ahlgren : Treasurer & Equality Affairs

Relations Manager

Marko Rantaniemi

Sports & Physical Activities

Harri Räisälä

I'm 24 years old and I begun my studies year 2012. I joined TYRMY year 2013 and have participating social and sport events. 2017 I'm taking care of TYRMY sport events and TYRMY-cup. My hobbies are music, computer games and sports. I listen to wide variety of music and my favourite metal genres are progressive and doom.

Harri Räisälä : Sports & Physical Activities

Gig Manager

Maarit Koivisto

My name is Maarit. I’m on my early thirties. I started my journey in Turku in 2013 as I begin my studies in the faculty of medicine in the University of Turku. My hobbies are music in its endless forms and general wondering. My musical taste is quite omnivorous. Depending on the mood of the day I may listen to 70’ and 80’s classical Heavy metal, symphonic or melodic Black and Death metal, sometimes Trash, Power or Folk. I’m bad in genres so this list probably excludes some of my favorites.
I’ve been a member of TYRMY since the first semester in Uni. This is my 4th year in TYRMYs board and I’ve had various positions in the organization including chair person in 2016. This year I’m responsible of gigs. If you want you’re band to play in TYRMYs gig night you can contact me for example via the form found on this web site.
My other responsibility is to ensure the wellbeing of all our members in our events. If you face inappropriate behavior in TYRMYs events you can contact me. We want everyone to be able to join our activities without discrimination, bullying or harassment.

Maarit Koivisto : Gig Manager

Committees (persons appointed to support the board)

Harassment Contact Person

Maarit Koivisto

History Project Manager & Harassment Contact Person

Jetro Vesti