TYRMY has 3 new board members

In today’s meeting three new board members were chosen. Please welcome: Laura Luhta, Salla Kenttä and Akseli Pekkarinen. Also Taneli Ohtonen was chosen as the new treasurer, since Miika Vesti had to leave his position as a board member.

A Change in the board

The board is now one member smaller as Jouko Kiesiläinen had to leave the position of trust due to lack of time. He will, however, continue as one of the two harrasment liaisons.

Become a member of TYRMY!

Now that the spring general meeting is upon us I remind you of TYRMY’s membership fee, which is naturally required to be a member. The fee is only 6 € and as decided in the last general meeting, you may now pay for a membership of multiple years; how handy! Should you choose to utilize this, please deal only in amounts dividable by six.

As a member, you:

  • Are a part of Turku’s metal scene
  • Support the beloved organization, music culture and student union activity
  • Are entitled to attend members only events
  • Get discount on select events and merchandise and priority in limited attendee events
  • May speak and take part in decision making in organization’s meetings
  • Are entitled to wear the member’s ribbon in appropriate festivities

You may transfer the funds to the account FI14 5711 1320 0434 71 and state your name in the message field of the transaction or by cash to the board in events.

If you haven’t been a member before, please also inform treasurer Hanna Yli-Paunu of your full name, your city of residence, your email address and if you are a member of TYY. Alternatively you may also use the form.

Changes in communications

The new year brings some changes. From now on, TYRMY’s standard email communication will be done with TYRMY’s own gmail-account, so at least the majority of emails will be sent from This was the case for a while some time ago, but now it will be established as permanent practice.

Second and more major change is a new Facebook user account ‘Hell O Abbath’, with which TYRMY will communicate officially in Facebook. The account will be jointly used by the board of TYRMY and the idea behind in brief is remove the personal connection of user accounts, which enables easier administraton of TYRMY through one account and eliminates the inconveniences of personal accounts. Hell O Abbath is just a communications account, so it will not respond to friend request and so on.

These changes require no action from you. Should you have any questions, the chairperson will gladly answee them.

A survey for members and followers of TYRMY and a member’s survey

TYRMY’s survey

Now is an excellent opportunity to get to have a say on how and what TYRMY does right from your couch or wherever you feel comfortable. TYRMY’s survey for members and others who follow TYRMY (so you don’t have to be a member) is now open until the end of December. The responses are anonymous and they will be delivered to the board of 2018 to go through in order to develop TYRMY. The form is conveniently short and you don’t need to answer all the questions if you don’t feel like it, although it is recommendable.

It’s probably wise to do the survey straight away so you won’t forget it later. It does not take long or much, but it helps TYRMY quite lot! Thanks already in advance.

TYRMY’s survey.

Teppo’s survey

A member of TYRMY, Teppo Reinikainen, is making his bachelor’s thesis and along with it a survey for TYRMY. Please consider responding to that also, it’s likewise open until the end of December.

Teppo’s survey


Student Union Council Elections 2017

The Student Union Council elections are upon us! If you are eligible to vote, please do so and give your contribution to student democracy. If you’d like to vote for a member of TYRMY, we provide a list for your convenience:

  • Aaltonen, Laura. Hybridiaani, #78.
  • Koivisto, Maarit. Vihreä vasemmisto, #36.
  • Laine, Lassi. TYY terveeksi, #257.
  • Luhta, Kaisa. Humanistilista, #72.
  • Mylläri, Anni. Vihreä lista, #13.

Remember to vote and why not do it immediately at

One of the candidates also delivered an introduction of herself in English:

Aaltonen, Laura. Hybridiaani, #78.

I have been a member of TYRMY since 2009 and consider myself as an active member. I’m a candidate for the Student Union of the University of Turku Council now for the third time and would very much like to continue to participate in the decision making of the Council. The Student Union is to a high degree quite familiar to me since I have been a project coordinator two times (2015 and 2017) and been a member of the board in the year of 2016; this is now my fourth year when engaging in the Student Union’s activity. A vote for me is a firm choice. Vote for number 78.

Academic Heavy Cruise Vol. 8

Traditional Academic Heavy Cruise sails this year again at November from Helsinki to Tallinn (M/S Baltic Queen). Read more here.

TYRMY football

TYRMY will play football throughout the summer every Tuesday at 18 on Halinen pitch. The games will last as long as the weather is good. Come join us!

TYRMY cup 2016

TYRMY cup starts again!

This year the cup will contain ten events and each participant’s four best scores from all events count. This means that you don’t have to take part in all the events to win the whole cup.

What the heck is TYRMY cup?

TYRMY cup is a playful tournament where TYRMY members can compete in different events during the year. The first TYRMY cup was a great succes and that’s why it’s now a yearly tradition. The ten most succeeded participants in an event get points according to their ranking (1st 10 points, 2nd 9 points, 3rd 8 points etc) and at the end of the year the most points collected are awarded with amazing cup trophy and of course fame and glory. Here you can read the official cup rules made by Jetro Vesti, the mastermind behind the idea.