The University of Turku Metal Club TYRMY is a sub-organization of the Student Union of the University of Turku (TYY) which connects metal heads on campus and around Turku. Students are welcome from all majors and academic focuses as well as exchange students. The musical preferences of our members vary from classical heavy metal to brutal death metal and everything in between.

TYRMY was founded in 2002 by an active group of metal loving students. Since then, activity and membership within the club has increased constantly to the current status. Today, there are about 120 active members. TYRMY regularly organizes band nights, themed sittnings, parties, sauna evenings, and many other metal oriented events. TYRMY is in cooperation with other Finnish academic metal clubs and organizations, for example, the popular annual academic heavy cruise. Member ideas and suggestions are taken into account when planning future club activities. TYRMY has its own event planning committee, where active members are welcome to help plan and organize club events with the board. The club communicates mainly through Facebook groups, e-mail lists and our webpage. Feel free to join and share your ideas and love for metal music!

TYRMY merchandise

We also sell TYRMY merchandise such as patches, t-shirts. Our merchandise is usually for sale at our bigger events (though you can also request board members to bring them to any other event).

Right now we are selling:

  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Reflectors
  • Patches: TYRMY logo and Hell-o-Abbath
  • Beer coolers

Wish to become a TYRMY member?

You can join TYRMY by paying the annual fee (TYY members: 6€/calendar year; Others: 8€/calendar year) and filling in your information on this form.

As a TYRMY member, you are welcome to participate in all TYRMY events as well as receive a discount on event tickets such as gig nights and sittnings. Members also have priority sign-up to events where there is limited space available such as sittnings and the heavy cruise. The membership fee will easily pay itself back within a couple of months!

Do you want your band to play at TYRMY gig nights?

TYRMY is constantly looking for bands that play metal or hard rock to perform at our events and participate in gig nights. If you would like your band to play at one of our gig nights or events, please fill in this form.