A survey for members and followers of TYRMY and a member’s survey

TYRMY’s survey

Now is an excellent opportunity to get to have a say on how and what TYRMY does right from your couch or wherever you feel comfortable. TYRMY’s survey for members and others who follow TYRMY (so you don’t have to be a member) is now open until the end of December. The responses are anonymous and they will be delivered to the board of 2018 to go through in order to develop TYRMY. The form is conveniently short and you don’t need to answer all the questions if you don’t feel like it, although it is recommendable.

It’s probably wise to do the survey straight away so you won’t forget it later. It does not take long or much, but it helps TYRMY quite lot! Thanks already in advance.

TYRMY’s survey.

Teppo’s survey

A member of TYRMY, Teppo Reinikainen, is making his bachelor’s thesis and along with it a survey for TYRMY. Please consider responding to that also, it’s likewise open until the end of December.

Teppo’s survey


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