Changes in communications

The new year brings some changes. From now on, TYRMY’s standard email communication will be done with TYRMY’s own gmail-account, so at least the majority of emails will be sent from This was the case for a while some time ago, but now it will be established as permanent practice.

Second and more major change is a new Facebook user account ‘Hell O Abbath’, with which TYRMY will communicate officially in Facebook. The account will be jointly used by the board of TYRMY and the idea behind in brief is remove the personal connection of user accounts, which enables easier administraton of TYRMY through one account and eliminates the inconveniences of personal accounts. Hell O Abbath is just a communications account, so it will not respond to friend request and so on.

These changes require no action from you. Should you have any questions, the chairperson will gladly answee them.
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