Student Union Council Elections 2017

The Student Union Council elections are upon us! If you are eligible to vote, please do so and give your contribution to student democracy. If you’d like to vote for a member of TYRMY, we provide a list for your convenience:

  • Aaltonen, Laura. Hybridiaani, #78.
  • Koivisto, Maarit. Vihreä vasemmisto, #36.
  • Laine, Lassi. TYY terveeksi, #257.
  • Luhta, Kaisa. Humanistilista, #72.
  • Mylläri, Anni. Vihreä lista, #13.

Remember to vote and why not do it immediately at

One of the candidates also delivered an introduction of herself in English:

Aaltonen, Laura. Hybridiaani, #78.

I have been a member of TYRMY since 2009 and consider myself as an active member. I’m a candidate for the Student Union of the University of Turku Council now for the third time and would very much like to continue to participate in the decision making of the Council. The Student Union is to a high degree quite familiar to me since I have been a project coordinator two times (2015 and 2017) and been a member of the board in the year of 2016; this is now my fourth year when engaging in the Student Union’s activity. A vote for me is a firm choice. Vote for number 78.

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