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Academic Heavy Cruise

26.11.2021 @ 16:30 - 27.11.2021 @ 16:00
It is happening again.
All metalheads on deck! We’re letting all hell loose on the Baltic Sea for the first time in two years!
The heaviest cruise of the late autumn is here again as the Academic Heavy Cruise returns! We welcome on board the M/S Silja Europa all the academic heavy folk of the entire country as well as every friend of more metallic cruises. Let us prove in November that people are still made of iron.
Down below you will find all relevant information regarding the cruise.
This year we’ll be sailing the dark seas on board the M/S Silja Europa. The cruise brings warmth to the bleak end of November, its dates being Thu, Nov 25th and Fri, Nov 26th.
The ship departs from Helsinki’s Länsiterminaali 1 at 18:30 on Thursday evening, sails to Tallinn overnight (arrival at 8:00), and returns to Helsinki at 16:00. A quick four-hour day trip to Tallinn is possible once there.
NOTE! You have to be at the terminals at least an hour (1h) before departure!
The price of the cruise is 26€ per person, including a cabin berth (in a four-person C-class cabin) and entrances to both the gigs. No meals are included in the price, but the organisers strongly recommend ingesting solid nutrition as well.
If you wish to eat proper meals during the cruise, you can reserve the following meals for additional costs:
36€ — Thu, Dinner Buffet
13€ — Fri, Breakfast
26€ — Fri, Lunch Buffet
We have three great bands coming to the cruise. Death and melodies to all!
Coming from the ranks of Mökä, this band plays Nordic death metal with a healthy infusion of melodic elements. Their newest studio material comes from their single The Greater Plague released in 2/2021 with more to come this year.
(Death metal/Sludge)
This duo was founded in 2017 by Kaos (guitar/vocals) and Spider (drums) to create their own blend of heavy music and go around the globe bringing new music to the pleasure of all metalheads. Their first EP Time to Burn was released in 2018, their first full length Extreme Conditions following the next year, and they’re working on a new EP and LP for 2022 with plans of an European tour to follow. Apart from Finland they’ve toured in Scandinavia and the Baltics.
Echoing through the mountains followed by the whinnying of unicorns as masters of fantastic melodeath Asgardium comes aboard! Great heroics and strong emotions as one of HYRMYs favorites plays their new material.
Playing times and other relevant information about the gigs to be released later.
Please only come to the cruise if you’re healthy.
You can sign up for the cruise WITH A BINDING REGISTRATION by filling in this registration form:
Registration ends on 13.10.
A confirmation email for your registration will be sent to you within a few weeks from answering this form. The email will contain detailed payment instructions for the cruise as well as some additional information.
Should you not receive an email for some reason, please contact the cruise organiser Mikko Vuori.
The deadline for the payment is on October 21st.
Please make sure that you bring a valid passport and/or a EU-valid identification with you. Getting on board the ship and to Tallinn may be dependent on your identification, in the event of an ID check.
The age limit of the cruise is 18 years.
If you have any questions to ask, please contact the cruise organiser Mikko Vuori at vuorimikko97@gmail.com.
Without further ado, see you on the deck!


26.11.2021 @ 16:30
27.11.2021 @ 16:00


M/S Silja Europa
Hjalmar Brantingsgatan
Moving target.
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