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Extra general meeting

7.12.2017 @ 18:00 - 20:00

Dear members and other friends,

The association needs doers urgently. As you may have read on the email, the general autumn meeting didn’t elect a new board for the next year as was intended.

TYRMY therefore organizes a new meeting, in which the board will be chosen and at the same time the foundations for the future are laid. If not enough board members are chosen, TYRMY will have to streamline its operations, quite painfully in the worst case.

If you have the time and the effort to give for our beloved association next year, attend and be a candidate or if you can’t attend, make your intentions known to the Chairperson Anni Mylläri. The events of the association take place mainly during evening hours and within a biking distance, so the position of trust doesn’t rule out a full day job. No special skills are needed and if you handle ordinary day-to-day chores, you’re already somewhat ready.

Being a board member is a valuable experience in which you get to learn, develop and of course have fun with great company. You get to have a say how the association functions and a possibility to help this splendid association thrive now and in the future. It’s not required that a board member is a member of TYY and the current board will train the next year’s board. If you could help TYRMY but wouldn’t like to commit to being a board member, a committee position may be in order.

TYRMY has grand prerequisites to function: 15 years of history with unique traditions, a secure financial situation, a broad and lively member base and of course a brilliant reason to exist: to enjoy rough music together!

The autumn general meeting already addressed all other formalities like the plan of action and budget, so this meeting focuses just on the positions of trust. The official notice of the meeting was sent by email. You are welcome to attend to participate in the decision making and discussion, even if you won’t be a candidate.


18:00 - 20:00
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